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3 DIY recipes to clean your home

3 DIY recipes to clean your home



If you think that coughing or having a burning throat during your cleaning sessions is something normal, it might be time to question the list of ingredients in your cleaning products. 🙄

Contrary to what most commercial household products would have you believe, cleaning products don't have to smell or lather excessively to be effective. When you know that the air inside a house is on average 8 times more polluted than the air outside*, it might be wise not to make things worse with toxic products.  

To help you use things that are better for your health, your wallet and the environment, here are 3 recipes for natural and zero waste household products to clean your home.

Before you start 

Before you start making your own natural cleaning products, consider finishing the products you already have in your cupboards first, there's no need to waste what you've already started.

Once you have finished using these products, clean their containers so that you can reuse them for your homemade products.

Most of the ingredients needed for eco-responsible cleaning are available for sale in bulk. You will also need a number of utensils: 

  1. Dishwashing cake 🧼

Widely used in Europe and South America, cake wash is a highly concentrated bar of soap that effectively cleans and degreases dishes. Intended for daily use, cake wash will last you for months, as you don't need much each time you use it. In addition to washing dishes you can also use it to clean your oven, sink or even other surfaces such as windowsills, bath, sinks... 🛁

List of ingredients for 200g of cake 


  1. Deodorant for textiles and the home 👕

Since the use of Febreze-type air fresheners is neither environmentally friendly nor economical, here is a natural alternative that works very well.

This deodorizer absorbs odours on textiles, without camouflaging one smell with another. Ideal for Yabers who have animals with lots of hair like our mascot (cuckoo Schocki). 🐶

This product also works on clothes or as a deodorant in the toilet.

List of ingredients for 300ml of natural deodorant 


  1. Ecological home washing 🧺

Making your own ecological washing powder is also economical and easy to do. In addition, many commercial detergents are made with chemicals that are harmful to the skin and not healthy for our planet . Here's a recipe that will help you avoid all that. 🦸♂️

List of ingredients for 3 litres of detergent


Before starting your washing machine, pour half a cup to a cup of homemade detergent into the dedicated tub, and that's it!

To protect your health or to reduce your ecological footprint, the most important thing is to do it on your own scale and with conviction. Every small gesture to reduce the consumption of plastic or environmentally harmful chemicals is bound to have a positive impact. 🏞

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sources: Rowenta 


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