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The digital challenge for your shop

The digital challenge for your shop



Digital and in-store sales have long been opposed to each other and have proven to be very complementary. Their combination (the "phygital") opens the way to new strategies and offers many benefits to retailers. It would be a shame to miss out!

Adapting to (and benefiting from) the practices of the time

Searching, ordering or even buying online is now a matter of course. Digital channels have become indispensable to your customers' shopping sessions. They compare products on their computers, read reviews on their mobiles, make reservations, and search for directions to your shop.

What's more, 91% of consumers say they search on the Internet before going to a physical shop , while more than 1 in 2 retailers do not have a website or Internet presence. In concrete terms, if you are one of these businesses, you are cutting yourself off from a large proportion of your potential customers.

So, whether you sell online or not, being at least referenced on the web is now a real necessity. We give you some good practices in this article.

Investing in a growth market to boost sales

E-commerce represents more than 8% of the retail sector, with a turnover that has grown by 15% since 2011. Cutting yourself off from such a growth driver (and one that is just a click away) means depriving yourself of a significant source of additional revenue.

Another good piece of information is that companies that manage both an e-commerce site and a traditional shop see an increase in traffic in 79% of cases and an increase in turnover of more than 10% for the physical store* in 60% of cases.

It is clear that digital technology boosts online sales, of course, but also in-store sales. In fact, 33% of online shoppers have taken advantage of an order pick-up to buy other products in the relay point or the shop.

Gaining agility and resilience

Running a business is not just about providing products. It's about providing value to your customers. It is in this logic that you, as retailers, must adapt and digitise - this is what your customers demand.

This digitalisation must be reflected in your communication, but also in your stock, staff and team management.

The Covid crisis has unfortunately shown us that digitalization is no longer an option, and it is urgent. Food, decoration, beauty... Whatever your sector of activity you need to be agile and connected.

How can you do this? By being available to your customers, on social networks, on your website. They should be able to engage with you, reserve a product or buy it online, share their opinion... The Internet allows you to have a point of sale open 24 hours a day.

Becoming more efficient

In concrete terms, digital technology enables small businesses to equip themselves with the same weapons as their competitors in the retail sector or on the Internet.

Digitalising your business means equipping yourself with the same weapons as the large retailers or the e-commerce giants. You can use digital communication tools such as a website and a Google My Business page to attract people to your shop. You can increase your sales with an online catalogue. Build customer loyalty through newsletters. Share your passion through social networks. Digital tools are not a magic wand, but they allow you to become more efficient, to reach new audiences, and therefore to become more profitable.

Being closer to your customers

Digital and "real life" complement each other, as you have understood. By having a multi-channel presence, you adapt your communication to your customers and you are available for them. Keep in mind that communication is not only top-down. Social networks, newsletters, websites are good tools to push your products to the forefront - but also use them to gather feedback. And to respond to your customers' requests. Like you, your customers need to feel supported, especially in these difficult health times. So some essential businesses are using digital as a facilitator to make the situation more bearable - by offering click & collect.

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