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The keys to success for your online shop

The keys to success for your online shop



Getting consumers to buy your products online is no easy task: you need to inspire enough confidence in them to enter their credit card number.

Reassuring Internet users

Internet users find it difficult to trust online: they are afraid of paying and never being delivered, of having their bank details stolen, of buying a defective product, of buying the wrong product (model, size, etc.).

What will reassure your future buyers? Here are the essentials.

To be present on Yabe is to respond to all these points.

The general design of the site

The first impression is important: an e-commerce site with an amateurish design does not inspire confidence. A good referencing and a professional visual are therefore essential.

Social proof

Your Facebook and Instagram pages will legitimise your online presence. And since consumers are attracted to what others are attracted to, you can display your follower count.

Customer reviews

It's human nature to be influenced by the opinions of others. This is especially true for online business: positive reviews will improve the perception of your shop.

Online chat

A phone number and a contact form are classic. But if you want to sell online, a chat room is a good way to increase your visitors' confidence. Being able to ask questions live will reassure your visitors that you are professional and available.

Press reviews

Knowing that your online shop has been featured on TV or in newspapers and magazines, even local ones, will boost your visitors' confidence.

Legal notice and GTC

The absence of these elements will sow doubt - even though Internet users rarely read the terms and conditions.

Last but not least: secure payments

To sell online, you need to connect your site to a payment platform.

These platforms allow you to have a precise follow-up of your orders (through their dedicated application) and you can even connect them to your accounting interface(QuickBooks for example).

Whichever platform you choose, it will be connectable to your Yabe account. So when you make an offer to a Yaber, they pay online and only have to collect the product from you by click & collect.

Online payment on Yabe

Whether you are a big brand or a local shop, the risk of piracy is always there. That's why on Yabe, we've taken care to select secure payment methods: Stripe.

By offering your products for sale on Yabe you reassure consumers on two points:

Make an offer on Yabe

Receive payments on Yabe? It's simple, and here's how it works:

Already on Yabe? Connect your Stripe account now!


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