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Our literary ideas from 2 to 50 euros

Our literary ideas from 2 to 50 euros



For this second article in our Christmas gift series, we have some ideas for the more literary among you!

As Victor Hugo said so well: "Toread is to travel, to travel is to read" so we're taking you on a journey to our favourite bookshops. Our YABE team has put together a list of various & varied books for our literature lovers, from 2 to 50 euros 🎁💝

📚 The Reservoir

Ladies, this collection is made for comic book lovers (but not only!) Find, for example, the adventures of BatGirl or the Girl Power of the Justice League. This women's box set is an ideal gift for comic book fans but also for the most curious and feminist among you. 

Price: 39,99€ (€)

📚 Paragraph

Are your brother and your great niece more into comics? With the latest Asterix and the Griffin you're sure to get it right! This timeless classic will please young and old alike. You'll find the complete boxed set with the album in colour, all the original pencils, and a 30-page dossier with numerous unpublished drawings and working documents by Jean-Yves Ferri and Didier Conrad.

Comic book only: €10.05 

Boxed set: 39,20

📚 Paragraph

Because youth is the future of tomorrow, the latest JK Rowling book is to be devoured without moderation for teenagers and even for adults! The ideal gift to stay in the magic of Christmas and discover the new world of the author of the Harry Potter saga. 

Price: €22.50

📚 Paragraph

Are your mother-in-law and your boyfriend passionate about cooking? You'll hit the nail on the head with culinary works like Fait Maison by Cyril Lignac. You don't need to be a culinary specialist to be inspired and follow the advice of this well-known pastry chef! You can even offer the complete series with the 5 volumes. 

Price: 12,90€ (€)

📚 The high school bookshop

Amaze the little ones by putting a classic story under the Christmas tree: The Three Little Pigs. This is an opportunity to introduce our youngest children to the most famous tales in history. 

Price: €2

📚 Paragraph

For your friends and family, fans of detective stories and fantasy literature, the latest Guillaume Musso is a sure bet! Juggling genres, the author stands out for his sense of suspense and his cinematic style. If his novels are close to thrillers, they are no less full of love and feelings. 

Price: €22

We hope that with this selection of books you will find inspiration for original Christmas gifts, and that your literary friends and family will appreciate these different books. Of course, you will find digital readers at our favourite bookstores, as well as a wide range of novels, thrillers, science fiction, fantasy, travel books, nursery rhymes, etc. 

At Yabe the team has already chosen! 

While Emilie sees herself offering the Cyril Lignac collection to her parents, Thibaud is thinking of ordering the latest Asterix for his nephew, a fan of the saga! 

As for Alexia, she knows very well that her mum is a big Musso fan, so the author's latest novel seems to be the perfect gift for the festive season. 


So which book do you like best? 

We're waiting for you on YABE.co!🎅🎁


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