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What kind of summer holidays for the French?

What kind of summer holidays for the French?



Say hello to the beaches and the sun because it's already summer! ☀

With the health crisis having prevented us from enjoying the holidays last year, it might be time to take a few weeks in the sun to relax and recuperate from what has been a rather complicated year. 

What do the French think? This is the question that IPSOS answered in a recent study. 

Being on holiday 

When asked what emotions they felt when thinking about the summer holidays, the most common response was 'looking forward' (37%) followed by 'hope' (36%) and then 'need' (35%), although there was some concern (30%). 

Not surprisingly, after three confinements and health restrictions last summer... Few people have had the opportunity to take a holiday, the French are eager for a change of scenery (73%), rest (48% ), and spend time with their families (46%). For them, this is a need. However, they hope to be able to carry out their holiday plans without any problems. 

Going on holiday 

The survey revealed that 79% of French people are optimistic about going on holiday. In fact, 68% of French people plan to organise their holiday at the last minute for fear of new traffic restrictions. 

Safety first 

The majority of French people remain cautious about safety. 64% of French people said they were in favour of vaccination in order to travel. 62% were in favour of carrying out a PCR test and 58% were in favour of presenting a health pass as proof. To maximise social distancing, 74% of holidaymakers prefer individual accommodation and 76% say they want to avoid busy places during their stay. The same applies to the means of travel, with 70% preferring to use their own vehicle , while 19% intend to take the plane and 15% the train. 

A blue, white and red summer 👍

Just like last year, this summer will be marked by the French flag. 69% of them say they prefer to spend their holidays in France. Nevertheless, 14% plan to spend the summer in other European countries, with a preference for border countries. 

For what budget? 

More than1 in 2 French people say that their holiday budget will be the same as in previous years. However, 15% believe they will spend more than usual, while 24% think they will spend less. For this population, this drop in the holiday budget is mainly due to the desire to save money for possible expenses (30%) and to the decrease in power following the COVID (27%).

Think local

Contributing to local trade also means tourism! Why travel far when you can discover or rediscover the treasures of your region? Travelling locally is also an opportunity to consume the products of your region and support local traders, producers, shops and restaurants .

It also saves you money and time. Travelling to a city 500km away is good, discovering three others within 100km is better. 😎

Faraway destinations always seem more exotic, yet your regions are full of history and beautiful scenery. Plus, travelling locally reduces your carbon footprint and does less damage to the planet. 😏

And to consume local even during the holidays, join the Yabe community! đŸŠžâ™‚ïžđŸŠž

Sources and credits: IPSOS, Tour Hebdo, Andrea Tummons


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