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Summer sales 2021: the ultimate guide

Summer sales 2021: the ultimate guide



The countdown is on for retailers! The summer sales, initially scheduled for 23 June in France, have finally been postponed to 30 June. As we know that this is an important period, we have prepared a digest of practical information and advice for you to succeed efficiently in your 2021 summer sales, here we go! 😎

Key figures for the 2021 summer sales 

Unlike last year when the sales were postponed to mid-July, Bruno Le Maire, the French Minister of the Economy, has declared that he wants to take advantage of the rebound in French consumption in this post-crisis period by shifting the sales by one week.

However, a study carried out by the Adot agency reveals that 34% of French people are reluctant to take advantage of sales. This finding reinforces the trend of French people's commitment to more responsible consumption - repeated confinements having marked their willingness to consume in a more reasoned and useful way.🙌

The same study also found that women aged 18-34 are the most interested in the summer sales, although men plan to spend the most. This year, only 16% of French people will spend more than €100 on their purchases and 9% will spend only €51 to €75. This change in behaviour comes in response to a perceived drop in purchasing power, but above all (and once again) to an awareness of the issues involved in more sustainable consumption

An evil for a good perhaps? 🤔

Shops are still the favourite place to shop this summer: the study shows that 6 out of 10 French people intend to do their shopping in shops during the upcoming sales. Once again, a paradigm shift that is a (positive) consequence of the health crisis (we already talked about it in this previous article): an opportunity for retailers to take advantage of this craze by adapting to digital uses (e-commerce, click & collect, message to store with Yabe...)

4 tips for a successful sale 

This is a good time to boost your turnover and clear your stocks. Here are 4 practical tips for a successful promotion.

#1 Choose the products you promote carefully ⭐

There is nothing worse than unsold products! Okay, you have to clear your stocks, but don't forget the consumer's interest: 

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#2 Have a multi-channel approach 📲

Establishing an omnichannel communication strategy is the only way to guarantee sufficient visibility. 

#3 Outfit your shop for the occasion 🎀

#4 Teamwork 

Collaborate with neighbouring retailers or your local authorities and retailers' associations for greater impact. By creating a partnership or joining a joint communication operation, you can offer cross-promotions or share advertising costs. 

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Regulations for the 2021 summer sales

There have been many changes in the regulations concerning trade and sales since the health crisis, and this is particularly the case for sales. You can only offer items on sale twice a year, on specific dates and for a limited time (yes, you have to make the most of the next 4 weeks). 


These main regulatory guidelines are to be taken into account, they apply in physical shops but also in the context of internet sales: 

We wish all traders a prosperous sales period. ✨

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